Adoption Fee Schedule for Domestic Adoption Services

  • Application Fee: $500 (Due upon application)
  • Home Study Fee: $1,500 (Due prior to start of Home Study)
  • Matching Fee: $10,000 (Due upon selection by Birth Parent as a Match)
  • Placement Fee: $15,000 (Due upon placement of the child/at birth)
  • Home Study Post Placement Supervision: $250 (Per visit) Visits are required quarterly until adoption is finalized – typically 2 visits.
  • Adoption Court Report: $250 (one-time fee) Due 1 month prior to final adoption hearing.
  • Home Study Annual Update/Addendum: $750 (Per year) Annually/or as needed for change in circumstance.


Case-by-Case Expenses
  • Expedited Home-Study Fee: $500 (If applicable) When an infant is already identified and needs HS expedited.
  • Verification and Listing Fee: $500 (If applicable) For use of home study or addendums from an outside agency for verification and listing within CCETN.
  • Interstate Services: $500 (If applicable)
  • Birth Parent/Infant Eligible Expenses: Based on actual cost.
  • Emergency Documents: Based on actual cost.