What to Consider When Choosing Adoption

When considering whether or not to place your child for adoption, many birth mothers ask themselves the following questions to aid them in their decision-making: 

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Am I able to give a child what he/she needs?
  • Would I have to count on my parents to help me out?
  • Can I raise a child and meet my own needs? To finish school? To start a career?
  • Am I ready to become a parent on my own?
  • What do I want to achieve in life and to experience out of life? Could I manage a child and a job and/or school at the same time?
  • Am I ready to give up the freedom to do whatever I want whenever I want?
  • An example of something I would have to give up by having my child would be?
  • Am I willing to cut back on having fun and staying home while my friends go out? Would I miss my free time and privacy?
  • Can I afford to support a child? How will I pay for rent, clothing, food, diapers, and other living expenses?
  • Do I want to raise a child in the neighborhood that I live in now? Where do I plan to live?
  • Am I expecting my child to make my life happy and to love me?
  • When I am around small children for a while, what do I think or feel about having a two-year-old around ALL the time?
  • How would I treat a child if I lost my temper or became angry?
  • How would I discipline a toddler?
  • How would I take care of my child’s health and safety?
  • Do I enjoy teaching others?
  • How will I feel knowing my child is with someone else?
  • Would I feel comfortable with someone else raising my child?