Considering Adoption?

Entering an adoption plan for your child is the first loving parenting decision you are making for your child, your future, and the life that your child will lead. Adoption planning allows you to choose the family you feel is best to care for your child and provide them with the life you dream for them. Each adoption journey is unique. We know that these decisions can be difficult and are here to provide compassionate support to you as you walk along this journey. We want to ensure that you are educated, supported, and that your best wishes for your child are carried out.

What We Offer

Help from Real People

We provide a designated birth parent specialist who is local to East Tennessee. Our birth parent specialists are dedicated to working with you in-person and advocating for your needs and wishes every step of the way.

Free & Confidential

All of our services for birth parents are free and confidential. Whether you are calling to inquire about more information or whether you enter into an adoption plan and place through our agency, all communication is kept 100% confidential.

Qualified Families

All of our families have completed a full home study by a state certified home study writer including full background checks. You will be provided an opportunity to review multiple families and identify a family that is the best match for your wishes for your child.

Options Counseling

You may not know today which choice is best for you and your child. You are never under any obligation by reaching out to our team. We provide compassionate counseling throughout the process and will connect you with resources and services should you decide to parent your child.

Help with Expenses

You may be eligible to receive pregnancy-related expenses including: medical needs, rent, food, phone, maternity clothing, and post adoption counseling.


We provide prenatal education, nutrition information, and postnatal care education as part of our local support services in-person throughout East Tennessee and through easily accessable video programming.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How involved can I be with my baby, and will my child get a chance to contact me years from now?

At the time of adoption, the birth parents can choose whether or not they would be open to being contacted one day by the child placed for adoption. The level of contact between you, the adoptive family, and your child are you and the adoptive parents’ decision.

How do I know my baby will be safe with someone else?

Adoption agencies set standards for adoptive parents, which gives assurance that the child placed in an adoptive home will be safe. You also have the option to choose a family by reading profiles, phone conversation, and even meeting the couple face-to-face.

What are my baby's father's rights in adoption?

The birth father’s rights in adoption are the same as the birth mother’s unless determined otherwise by a court system.

Will my baby be confused if I choose open or semi-open adoption?

Confusion depends more on the extent of communication that occurs between the child and the adoptive family. Actually closed adoption may create more confusion or frustration for adopted children because of the unknowns.

How much can I find out about an adoptive family for my baby?

Potential adoptive families provide profiles to look through with information on them, most of them have several pictures. Some couples even present their profile in the form of a scrapbook. This information may consist of the size of their family, where they live, what they do for a living, as well as other things such as how long they have been married, how they met, their pet names, and their health history. They can even include their religious views and will most likely include some photos of them and their lifestyle.

What will the adoptive parents of my baby have to know about me?

The adoptive parents will want to know all they can about you. They will probably be interested in your medical history, your healthcare, your age, and your interests. You may provide any additional information you would like them to know.

Will I be able to see my baby when it's born?

Yes, you may choose whether or not you would like to see your baby, and how long you want to be with him or her. Surrender paperwork is not signed until 48 hours after the child is born or after the mother has left the hospital. A birth mother has 3 additional business days to revoke that decision should they choose to do so.

Eligibility regarding Religion
Pre-Adoptive parents will uphold the gospel values in their home and plan to instill those values in their parenting. These include respect for the dignity of every person, dedication to God, a commitment to nourish the spiritual development of your child and in your family, valuing individuals above personal gain, and an intention to be a peacemaker within family and in the community.

Eligibility regarding Lifestyle
CCETN’s Adoption Services work to ensure that children are integrated into families that uphold our faith tradition based upon the Catholic Church’s teaching that marriage consists of a man and woman.

For additional eligibility requirements for adoptive parents please click here.