A Full-Service Adoption Agency

A Loving Option Adoption is a licensed, full-service, child-placing agency in East Tennessee. We can assist you with the adoption process from start to finish. We provide each potential adoptive family with a specialist who understands the needs of adoptive parents.

Our services for adoptive families maintain a primary focus on the child’s best interest. They carry them through the journey of compliance for an approved home study, matching, placement, and follow-up services through the finalization of adoption.

Our team is local and ready to serve you in person. We work alongside you and your attorney to ensure everyone carries out adoption procedures according to the state of Tennessee’s requirements.

Here’s What You Can Expect

  • You will receive thorough adoption education, including various adoption plans, tax and legal implications, the process of termination and finalization, building relationships with birth parents, etc.
  • All prospective adoptive parents must have an approved home study completed and reviewed annually until the placement of the child. We provide a complete and legal home study as required by Tennessee law. Upon placement, quarterly post-placement assessments will be completed as part of the home study process until the adoption has been completed. A home study includes background checks (including fingerprinting), home safety requirements, physical and mental health evaluations, income and financial stability, proof of legal marital status, references, etc.
  • You receive assistance in preparing your profile (bio), which includes photos, letters to birth parents, online information, etc.
  • We provide attorney recommendations who understand state adoption law.
  • Our matching services ensure your profile is shown to prospective birth parents. We match you with birth parents who reflect common interests such as location, religion, education, particular adoption plan, etc. If requested, we can arrange a “match meeting” where you can meet the birth mother considering you.
  • We assist with the placement process. The birth mother must wait until she is released from the hospital or 48 hours after birth, whichever is sooner, before signing the papers to voluntarily terminate her parental rights. We will help arrange your time at the hospital according to the birth mother’s wishes.
  • We prepare the necessary paperwork for finalization, which takes place at the end of a 6-month supervisory period. We will notify your attorney, who will schedule the adoption hearing at the courthouse.