Three Types of Adoption Plans

There are three basic adoption plans: open, semi-open, and closed. Today, open and semi-open plans are the most popular. The amount of contact you wish to have with the birth family determines the plan you choose.

As you progress through the adoption process, keep in mind that the more open you are, the more opportunities we have to show your profile. If you are uneasy about any aspect of a plan, please speak with us. 


This plan lets the birth parents and the prospective adoptive family have personal interactions with each other. You share your full names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.

If the birth mother requests a visit, you might meet before the baby is born. In addition to the agency’s requirements for contact with the birth parents, you can arrange other types of communication.

An open adoption is different for everyone. The most important thing for all parties is communication. The more communication about wishes, desires, and expectations, the more comfortable each party will be in the adoption process.


This plan is also known as a mediated adoption. It provides non-identifying interactions between the birth mother and the adoptive family, which means more anonymity.

Through a semi-open adoption, the parties might choose to exchange first names. They communicate with one another through a third party, such as a representative from our agency.

The interaction is usually letters or cards. However, there is the potential for non-identifying emails or visits hosted by the adoption professional.


Only about 5% of adoptions today are closed. With this plan, no identifying information is exchanged, so both parties remain entirely anonymous.

The courts seal the original birth certificate and all adoption information. Circumstances sometimes require a closed adoption for the safety of the birth mother or the child.

If the birth mother and child desire interaction in the future, they would need to locate one another on their own.