Welcome to our Adoptive Parents’ Profiles page! We understand that every child deserves a loving and nurturing home, and we are happy to introduce you to our incredible community of prospective adoptive parents. Each profile showcases our families’ unique qualities, passions, and backgrounds, providing a glimpse into the warm and supportive environment they can offer.

Please explore their pages, and if you have any questions about connecting with our families, please email adoption@ccetn.org or call 865-684-1894.

Travis & Katie

We are Travis and Katie. Adoption is our first choice to become parents and is something that has been on our hearts for the entirety of our 15-year marriage. We have a very happy life surrounded by wonderful people, interesting careers, and hobbies we hope to share with a child.

Marty & Korey

Hi, we are Marty and Korey! Korey herself was adopted as an infant through Catholic Charities, and adoption was immediately what we turned to when we found ourselves struggling with secondary infertility. We would describe our family as a kind and caring household with lots of love but also lots of fun adventures and laughter.

Josh & Ashney

Profile available upon request

Hi there! We are Josh and Ashney with four cute kiddos. We have a happy, home-centered family life. We love to be together eating nourishing meals, playing games, gardening, reading, hiking, and visiting fun places. We are very active in our Catholic Faith bringing holy days and celebrations alive in our home daily. We have many wonderful friends, as well as close grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. We love children and have very open hearts to adoption. As a family, we love big, we laugh together, and we talk about everything. We look forward to any more children God sees fit add to our family!

Colton & Emily

Hi, we’re Colton and Emily! We share a happy and adventuresome life together, always seeking new experiences in new places. We value stability and kindness in our family, and we strive to always have an optimistic outlook on life. We are so excited to begin our adoption journey and can’t wait to give a child a loving and happy home!

Chris & Laura

Hi, we are Chris and Laura! Originally from Texas, we have lived here in Knoxville for 9 years and are excited to grow our family through adoption! We love travelling, skiing, hiking, going to the beach, and spending time with our family and friends. Chris has a fulfilling career as a nuclear engineer. Laura has spent the last 9 years in childcare: working at an after school care program, running a summer camp, and directing a middle school choir. Adopting a child will be the greatest privilege of our lives, and we promise to provide a stable, loving home with plenty of laughter and fun adventures.

Jonny & Susie

We are Jonny and Susie, and we have an incredible adopted son. We had dreamed of adopting for years before discovering our inability to have biological children, which was more confirmation for us that adoption is right for our family. We love being parents and are hoping to adopt again! Both of us come from large families with over 30 cousins. Your child will be immediately accepted and loved and have many close playmates throughout life including his/her brother. We have been married for 13 years and love each other deeply. We lead an active life and are hoping for another child to join us in our many adventures. If you consider us as parents for your child, we promise we will give them a secure, nurturing, fun home.

At A Loving Option Adoption, we’re honored to be a part of your adoption journey. From the first steps to this incredible moment of finding your match, we’re grateful to have walked alongside you. Here’s to the beautiful road ahead as your family grows with love and joy!

Many thanks to outside partners and agencies who have also walked with our families through various stages of this process.