The Adoption Option

Making an adoption plan for your child is a loving parenting decision. But, because you love your child, placing them for adoption is also a hard decision.

In the past, people referred to adoption as “giving up your baby.” No loving mother ever gives up a child. So, today, we encourage expectant women or birth mothers to make a plan for their child or consider placing their child with another loving family.

Let’s begin by having you answer some critical questions. How would you answer the following?

  • Am I capable of parenting my child on my own?
  • Would I need to have my partner’s or parent’s help?
  • Is there a person or people in my life who would support my decision physically, emotionally, and financially?
  • Could I manage a child and my job and/or education at the same time?
  • Am I able to meet my own needs as well as the needs of a child?
  • Do I live in a safe environment for a child?
  • How would I take care of my child’s health and safety?
  • Is the birth father currently a part of my life?
  • Do I know enough about caring for a newborn or raising a toddler?
  • Could I be comfortable with choosing other parents for my child?
  • How do I feel about adoption?
  • What would my family think if I chose adoption?

Free Adoption Counseling

We provide a designated Birth Parent Specialist who is local to East Tennessee. Our dedicated Birth Parent Specialists work closely with you in person. They will advocate for your needs and wishes every step of the way.

A recent national survey of birth parents asked birth mothers what made them the most satisfied with their adoption choice. The number one reason was that they never felt coerced or manipulated. The decision was entirely their own.

The second reason was that they received accurate information about the entire process. You will receive compassionate counseling throughout the process and beyond.

We provide a 24/7 Helpline so you can speak with someone any time, day or night. You are our priority.

Benefits We Provide

  • Housing assistance may be available during pregnancy
  • Counseling and support
  • Prenatal and delivery expenses are paid as needed
  • Option to choose the adoptive family for your child
  • A support group of birth mothers
  • All legal expenses and attorney fees will be paid for you