A Loving Option Adoption was recently featured in Pregnancy Help News in an article titled: New program brings joy and hope of adoption to eastern Tenn.

The following is an excerpt from the article:

“Adoption is not widely talked about,” said CCETN Program Manager Ada Hernandez-Bell.

“We talk about the difficulties of single parents, we talk about what abortion looks like in our country, what we believe about it in the church, what families feel about it, what activist groups believe about it,” she said.

“It is the conversation at every table one way or another,” Hernandez-Bell said. “But adoption is still the hush hush word that no one wants say out loud.”

“Adoption is never going to be the easy thing to do, but there are a lot of things to consider,” Ritter said, “where you’re at in your life, what are your goals for your life, what do you want for your child and can you offer that for your child.”

Hernandez-Bell, who was adopted as a teenager, added:

“Our hope is that, as we begin to talk about adoption in our community, providing support groups, and sharing the idea that adoption is love, we can greatly reduce the shame and ‘hush-hush’ that is associated with making the decision to place a child for adoption.”